click below for Aladdin Video clips:

Aladdin Video from Summer Camp:    You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me

Aladdin Acting Scene Video:  Aladdin meets the Genie




Our young summer campers







The Beast/Prince & the Castle Staff

The Candlestick & The Clock

Convincing Belle to meet the Beast

Be Our Guest

Oh "Look"

He is SO Cute

The Prince, Gaston & Cogsworthh

The Adorable Maids

Our Director, Miss Kerri with Miss Megan, Mr. Danny  and the Cast 

We're not in Kansas anymore

Miss Kerri  with her Cast and Crew (Mr. Danny & Miss Joni)

Off to see the Wizard...

Dorothy and the Wicked One
...and your little dog too!
Munchkin from Munchkin Land
Scarecrow looking for a brain
The Lion and The Tinman
The wizard and  Munchkins
Dorothy and Toto find Scarecrow
I'm Melting!!!
Come on and Ease on Down the Road
Our Little "Stars" exiting the Stage Door...


Rehearsal  for Summer Camp Musical Theater Presentation

Two Hombres

Getting Ready for Cotton Eyed Joe!

The Birthday Girl & her Dad.
My, what a Dad will do for his little girl!

Miss Kerri - The Bride to be

Miss Joni with the Wedding Party

Friends Forever


Follow the Yellow Brick Road?

Musical Theater Performance

MMaking Fairy Tale Castle

Camp Kids

Acting Skit

Getting ready to dance for Parents

Making Crafts for "Circus Week"M

Hugs for Joni
Flowers for the Mom's

Getting into Costume 

The Mad Hatters
Just Us Boys

This is SOOOO much fun! O

You Did It! 

Miss Kerri with Mr. Danny, Miss Megan and  our  '06 Summer CampersMM


2005 Summer Camp

Acting Bows

Cruise Week

Having Fun

Mardi Gras

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